Yahoo customer service phone number

Yahoo Customer Support Service: A Helping Hand for Users

We are using Yahoo since childhood. So, this fact is evidence in the popularity of Yahoo among users. It is said, “Once Yahoo Always Yahoo”. No doubt the quality of Yahoo email services has made it the talk of the town. There are users who have used only Yahoo throughout their life and they are fully satisfied with it. The main stimulus of the Yahoo email is a consistent improvement in the function and features.

From highly active filters, the fastest emailing, disposable email address, and many a wide range of customization options make it the stand out from the crowd. Till the time no other brand has the courage to challenge the Yahoo in the term of features diversity. But still, there is a long way to go in order to achieve the zero error while using Yahoo and hence Yahoo customer service is proactive over the clock. Contacting Yahoo support is a cake walk as there are different means of communication are available.

Different Contact Points to Yahoo:

Yahoo Contact Phone Numbers:

Contacting Yahoo support is something you need every now and then. In actual, there is no better way than Yahoo phone number to contact the support team. Yahoo being the huge brand, has to maintain its reputation in the market and this could only be done by providing the timely support to clients.

The official Yahoo helpline Numbers for Yahoo users:

  • For Billing Customer Service: 1-866-562-7228
  • For Billing TTY: 1-866-438-1601
  • For Corporate Office: 1-408-349-3300
  • For third-party support:
  • For Corporate Fax: 1-408-349-3301

Yahoo mailing:

Sending mails may be the old-school way to contact, but holds a great power. You can contact Yahoo mail officials by sending your concerns in written to the Yahoo headquarters at the mailing address, which is given below. If you want more details, search for the detailed instructions for VTA Light Rail, VTA Bus, Caltrain, Amtrak Capitol Corridor and Altamont Commuter Express and there:

Yahoo! Inc. 701 1st Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Official Website Support:

The official website is loaded with links which lead you to the Yahoo customer service team.There is a particular link for every service offered by Yahoo and things are really sorted over the website. No wonder, keeping things sorted for users is the major motto of Yahoo and hence it is on the number second in the list of best webmail service provider and number one when it comes to customer service.

Yahoo Product Selection:

The Yahoo contact page to offer you tech-assistance for your respective product. Go to the link:

https://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?page=home&locale=en_US&guccounter=1 .

Now select the product from the drop-down menu and enter your email id to proceed. The support services cover almost all most-used categories namely, Aviate, Finance, Flickr, Games, Groups, Mail, Messenger, Mobile, Search, Sports, Account, Answers, Postmaster and Wallet. If you are looking exact solution for a specific product, this is the best way to reach the personalized support services. But this support is limited to premium users and users with the free product cannot avail the support with this page.

Yahoo Customer service on Twitter:

The yahoo care on Twitter can be access directly with https://twitter.com/yahoocare . The link can lead you to Yahoo twitter account and support can be availed by sending a message or chat with Yahoo professionals. If you are patient enough to wait for the response from Yahoo customer service, this method is the most ideal one.

Yahoo Customer Care on Facebook:

Yahoo has covered almost every commonly used social media platform to reach its user. This FB page includes several numbers of posts addressing different concerns of Yahoo user and other related information. You can send messages to Yahoo help center via using page. But patience is the key while reaching Yahoo customer support through Facebook.


Yahoo Feedback and Suggestion Site:


Yahoo appreciates your feedback and suggestion and hence a specific section is designed for users to provide their views for the Yahoo products and services they are using. This is an open platform to share your thoughts and all other Yahoo user can comment on the same thread. Moreover, other users will share their experience regarding the same scenario and some will try to help you. The Yahoo customer support number team will reply on your post and help you fix the error.

There is one more option you can avail, is another Yahoo help center page, http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/helpcentral/. It’s an ideal way to get in-depth information for Yahoo printers.

Yahoo mail Quick Fix tool:

The Yahoo mail helps users via a special tool using Quick fix tool.


With the help of this comprehensive tool, you can scan your Yahoo product and search for the issues. Now the Yahoo team will resolve your issues as well. But in order to make this tool effective, one must log in with your alternate email Id.

Yahoo Customer Service Email:

We have learned about all several means to contact Yahoo customer support, but the one thing which you all were waiting while reading this piece of writing is, mentioned here. Yes, we are talking about the Yahoo mail help. Thankfully, Yahoo email support is available for any assistance. But nowadays Yahoo email customer service has become quite slow. The official Yahoo mail customer service is no more effective and hence isn’t recommendable. So one must avoid contacting Yahoo official via email.

Yahoo Third-Party Support Phone Number:

No matter, how modern you get and how advanced the communication means to become, the emailing is always the foremost choice to convey a message because the impact of email is still the same. While talking about how can we think of not mentioning Yahoo?  Yahoo webmail services are the perfect blend of trendy as well as classic features and hence it is the world’s top second email platform. Yahoo has never gone out of fashion unlike other counterparts which were replaced with time and the database of Yahoo users is touching sky.

The best thing which attracts users the most is the timely support and a huge scope of approaching Yahoo help desk via different means. It is the only service provider which has such elaborated social media profiles which can be accessed from any Yahoo users irrespective of the product and service they are using. Though Yahoo! official support services are helpful in almost every situation but sometimes you feel the need for real-time assistance which yahoo lacks in. But users do not need to worry anymore, as the third party support for Yahoo is all set to help the troubled users in an instant manner. No matter where you locate, how far your issues have gone, Yahoo support number is the perfect remedy for all your emailing pains.

Not only, over the phone but now the third-party support also offers Yahoo email support. It’s simpler than you think, shoot the email to Yahoo mail support and enjoy the support services in a timeless manner. From dawn to doom and 365 days of the year, the Yahoo mail tech support can be approached with simple mail consisting the issue you are facing.

We all know that Premium users often get an edge over normal users while using the official means. Bur, to resolve this complaint of users, the third party Yahoo technical support has demolished all the differences and every Yahoo user, be it regular or premium users are treated in a special manner. Each call, email or chat is to respond on the immediate basis to make the Yahoo experience hassle-free.

Getting know about Yahoo issues is important and here is one of the common issues listed below:


The above-listed issues are said to be the most repetitive ones. But the repetition of issues occurs only in one case i.e. when it doesn’t diagnose and troubleshoot properly. If you have stuck to a point where having issues has become a common thing and you have stopped bothering, let us remind, this can leave a terrific impact on your Yahoo account and lead you to breathe-stopping issues like data breach and hacked account. So one should not ignore issues at any cost. Contact Yahoo customer service phone number whenever you notice something unusual with your Yahoo email account.

Yahoo customer service number is an effective solution for your issues and confusions. We often feel the need to contact Yahoo but the official means makes you wait and helps like a drop in ocean. Therefore, instead of asking yourself to be patient, be concerned and call Yahoo contact number. You will be served with the most straightforward answer to your dilemma.

Yahoo toll-free number has become the need of the hour as almost every second individual on this planet holds an email account and most of them prefer Yahoo over other names. Thus Yahoo tech support phone number is something you need to keep on your fingertips for resolving the errors.

Why is Yahoo Support Phone Number So Popular?

There is a wide range of highlights on Yahoo help phone number but some of them are mentioned below:

  • The on the spot solution.
  • The aim to provide most simple and reliable solution.
  • Complete transparent solution.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Around the clock assistance.
  • Certified and qualified technicians.

Comment (35)

  • jam| July 17, 2018

    best service ever

  • jack| August 17, 2018

    There are so many issues happening with my Yahoo mail account but thank to the customer service which rescue me every time when I am about to sink

  • Jenny Hill| August 18, 2018

    Hey I forgot my yahoo password and tried to recover it several time, but I am failing miserably. Please help me regarding this

    • jack| August 20, 2018

      Hey, follow the below steps to recover Yahoo password in correct manner

      • Visit Yahoo mail and go the Sign-in Helper
      • You will be asked to give your mobile number or alternate email address
      • Click continue
      • You may need to fill CAPTCHA for the verification
      • If you want to receive text message then click on text me an account key
      • In case if you want to receive an email, click send me an account key
      • Now once you receive the account key, enter the key in blank space provided and click verify
      • Once your account is verified, you will be asked to generate new password
      • Enter the new password twice
      • Now you have successfully recovered the password

  • Lisa Haydon| August 18, 2018

    I have lost all my Yahoo contacts. I can’t find it anywhere else. I need to recover all the contacts. Could you please help me for this?

    • jack| August 20, 2018

      Don’t worry dear, you can get all the Yahoo contacts back. You just need to follow the below-given steps:

      • Visit Yahoo mail and go to the Sign-in helper
      • First you need to login and then select Contacts
      • Click on deleted contacts which is in the left column
      • Now select contacts that you want to recover. You can skip Restore the entire contact list
      • Click Restore to add your contacts to your list
      • Finish the process by clicking done

  • Stella Brown| August 20, 2018

    Why can’t my Yahoo! email account receive emails and how can I fix it?

    • jack| August 21, 2018

      If you aren’t able to receive the Yahoo mail from a particular sender, do the following necessary

      • Open your browser and sign in to your Yahoo Account
      • Go the Options and click Filters
      • Click Add
      • In Filter Name Field, type “Safe List”
      • Type the sender’s domain, for example glocksoft.com into the field where it says “From header: contains”
      • Select “Inbox” where it says “Then … Move the message to:”
      • Click “Add Filter”

      Now you have added the sender to your safe filter successfully. You will start receiving the mail from now onwards.

  • Aleena Ghose| August 23, 2018

    I want to change my yahoo password but cannot do it. Could you please guide with straightforward steps

    • jack| August 24, 2018

      Don’t stress out dear. Here are the straight steps to change yahoo password

      • Visit Yahoo official website
      • Then visit directly to Yahoo Account security page
      • There you will get option to change Yahoo password. Click on it.
      • Now You need to enter a new password
      • Again, type the password for confirmation
      • Click continue

      You have successfully change Yahoo password

  • Ginia fleurimont| August 23, 2018

    Oh lose my phone so I can’t login on my Yahoo mail please can you help me cause i have e New phone number please…thank you so much

    • jack| August 24, 2018

      Dear, if you have already given any recovery email address while creating Yahoo account. You can use that email address to get verification code and they you will be able to login on your Yahoo account.

  • Emma Jones| August 25, 2018

    Setting up Yahoo security key was not that easy for me as I am not a technical geek. But, the way you have helped me is commendable. Getting technical support for Yahoo has never been this easy for me. Thanks so much

  • Emma Watson| August 27, 2018

    changed my all incorrect settings of Yahoo mail by the help of Yahoo tech support. A great support that is recommended.

  • Erica Smith| August 28, 2018

    My yahoo has been suspended. I don’t know how to recover it? Please help

    • jack| August 28, 2018

      Relax dear! You can simply recover your Yahoo account by following below steps:

      • Open a new browser or new window and then go to the https://www.yahoo.com/
      • You may be asked some necessary information of your suspended account. Provide the information and click submit button
      • You need to verify your email ID by entering email address
      • Now you can press Reactivate button on the bottom of the page
      • It will take 24 to 48 hours to get your account recovered. So wait for that time

  • Anika Parker| August 31, 2018

    I know the fact that I cannot recover my Yahoo account if I don’t have access the recovery mail and phone number. But my Yahoo mail account is so old since I started using the mail service. I have archived so many evidence, using that I can win on my long-running case with my Manager. Could you please get my Yahoo account back? I really need this. Really Really !!

    • jack| August 31, 2018

      Sorry dear, but there is no any option left now except recovering Yahoo account either with recovery phone number or recovery email address. Earlier You could recover Yahoo account by security question, but now Yahoo has removed this option.

  • Niya| September 5, 2018

    I just got fed up of Yahoo mail service. I wanted to delete my Yahoo account for ever but could not find any option to do it. Please let me know the way to delete my Yahoo account.

    • jack| September 8, 2018

      Well, I would first suggest you to review your account if there is any issue with that.
      and if you seriously want to delete the Yahoo account then here are the steps:

      • First you need to login with Yahoo account
      • Go to the Yahoo!’s Terminating your Yahoo! Account page
      • Provide your password to confirm your identity
      • You also need to fill the captch
      • Now click Yes in order to delete Yahoo account. You will be redirected to a confirmation pase that you have successfully deleted your account

  • Michele| September 6, 2018

    I need my yahoo email account back it was hacked. I’m lost with out my window to the world!

  • Aliva Smith| September 17, 2018

    Hello Jack!
    How do I insert a picture into Yahoo email account without the attachment?

    • jack| September 24, 2018

      In your case, you can copy and paste the picture:

      • First do a right-click on the image and choose to copy it. You can also use short-key Ctrl+C to copy the image.
      • Go to Yahoo mail and right-click to choose paste. The image will paste at the location where cursor is at
      • You can also use Ctrl+V on Windows to paste the image

  • jonesmith| September 18, 2018

    I want to delete multiple emails in Yahoo inbox but cannot do it. Could you please help me.

    • jack| September 24, 2018

      You can simply do it by just following all the steps underneath:

      • Sign in to Your Yahoo mail
      • Click on “Inbox” drop-down option
      • Now click the empty check box to select the email that you wan to delete
      • Click delete
      • Now you will be asked to confirm it if you really want to delete all emails
      • Thus, you can delete multiple emails

    • Anny| October 3, 2018

      So many issues associated with Yahoo email account, still Yahoo is not providing phone support. Thanks to you guys helping us like an authentic tech support service. I was having issue while recovering my Yahoo password, and then calling them was really grateful.

    • Ina Brown| October 4, 2018

      Yahoo mail forwarding is still working? Could you please guide me on that?

      • jack| October 4, 2018

        Yes, it is still working. Here you enable to auto-forward incoming emails from Yahoo Mail to another address.

        • Login into Yahoo mail account.
        • Go to the top right and click on settings.
        • Go to the Account and click on your Yahoo mail account under Email Addresses.
        • Go down and you will see a message “Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere”.
        • Select the check box next to Forward: “Your mail is forwarded to the specified address, so you can check it there.”
        • Type the email address where you wish your incoming emails to be forwarded
        • Finally click on the Verify button.
        • Hence, you have successfully enabled auto-forward incoming emails

    • erik| October 6, 2018

      Yahoo Support service is quite reliable as they are the quick listener. I didn’t have to wait for 1 minute, they quickly respond to my phone and helped me regarding my Yahoo mail account. The support service is recommended

    • Alina Wilson| October 6, 2018

      I keep getting thousands of emails in my Yahoo mailbox on daily basis and due to this, I skip many of my important emails. Please tell me the ways to organize and manage my inbox

      • jack| October 6, 2018

          Mate, in such case, you can create a folder by the name of important emails which are as below:

        • Login to Your Yahoo account
        • Now Mouse over the folder on the left side of the inbox and click on the New folder
        • Now you can type the name of folder as Important Emails
        • Click enter and your have create an email folder

    • Jessica| October 19, 2018

      Ever since the Yahoo mail breaching happened, I have faced so many issues with my mail account. I was depressed and wanted to quit on Yahoo. Thanks to your guys helping me every time when I confronted technical issue.

    • Michele Dyer| November 5, 2018

      My husband has had the same email for yrs. He went to log in and it is stating his password is incorrect. He knows it is not due to it being written down & it also being his life bible verse. We have no way of recovering it due to it being so old. We no longer have access to the recovery email or phone number. My husband is a Pastor and Drug addiction counselor he needs this email due to it being out all over the state of Virginia. He can not change it. Is there any way to change his password. I dont know who or how it got changed. Please help!

    • Helen Marie| November 6, 2018

      I was enthralled with the services of Yahoo helpline number. I got an issues in my Yahoo mail account, they first resolved the issue and then charge me as low amount as $50. After 2 days of this happened, I contacted them again stating that the problems still persist, they again tried to resolve it but coundt fix it because it wasn’t recoverable. All this happened and they gracefully refunded the amount as the problems wasn’t resolved. Legitimacy is at its core with this Yahoo support service. I am really impressed.