What are the Outlook Common Errors and Their Fixes?

If you are searching for the ways to fix all the common errors with Outlook, then you are at the right place.

Following are some of the common errors with Outlook:

  • The error appears while sending an email.
  • Not able to receive emails due to incorrect account settings.
  • Outlook not starting due to corrupted navigation pane settings.
  • Frequent system shutdowns when trying to open Outlook.
  • Outlook is freezing.

There can be some other issues with Outlook as well which can be easily resolved by calling at Outlook Support Phone Number.

Some of the troubleshooting tips have been mentioned below to help you fix the common Outlook issues:

  • The first basic thing to do is to ensure adequate internet connectivity. Most of the outlook issues occur due to a weak internet connection. Check if the modem is properly working and all the network cables are properly connected.
  • Delete all the doubtful emails from the inbox which are of suspicious nature as they can result into the blocking of error message in Outlook. Clear all such emails from your mailbox.
  • Check the email scanning settings of the antivirus you have installed. Make sure to configure the settings properly to allow the Outlook and the antivirus work together.
  • You can also try uninstalling the Outlook completely from your system and then reinstall it again. This can also resolve some of the outlook issues.
  • Make sure there are no emails stuck in outbox and if there are then you need to delete them. You can also move these emails to the Drafts folder to view and process them later.
  • To avoid most of the Outlook errors, increase the server time-out settings by following the given steps:
  1. Open Outlook and click on Files menu.
  2. Then click on info.
  3. Now select account settings.
  4. Now click and select the POP3 account and click ‘Change’.
  5. Click on More settings.
  6. From the advanced tab, you can increase the server time-out setting.
  • Make sure all the SMTP email addresses are properly scrutinized and are correct in the distribution list. Validate them by sending text messages.
  • Try removing unwanted Outlook items which are not needed to free up some extra space and then try restarting the Outlook.
  • If you are facing compatibility issue and your Outlook version is not compatible with the operating system you have installed and to fix this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Search for the Outlook.exe file in the installation folder and click on it.
  2. Click on the properties option.
  3. Open the compatibility tab.
  4. Check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ box and then try restarting Outlook.

This is how you can simply troubleshoot the issues with Outlook and make it work like before. If you get stuck anywhere then calling at Outlook Tech Support Phone Number will help as you can clear all your doubts and queries directly from the tech expert available. Other than this complete technical assistance will be provided only by the certified executives who are proficient in their job.