Ways to Unlock the temporarily locked Yahoo mail account

Yahoo is known for its top-notch security and it doesn’t compromise with it. So, if any user tries to breach the security norms, Yahoo immediately locks such accounts. Usually, a temporary lock occurs i.e. for 12 hours and that can be easily restored. Here are the ways using which you retrieve the locked Yahoo mail account in no time.

Reasons for the locked Yahoo mail account are:

  1. Entering the wrong password numerous times.
  2. Sending emails in bulk or more than a specified limit
  3. If someone tries to hack your account.
  4. Suspicious activity on your account
  5. If other yahoo users have marked you as spam.
  6. A security concern using third-party apps and software
  7. Incorrect POP and IMAP settings
  8. Signing in from different locations at the same time.

Methods to unlock Yahoo mail account

Method 1:

  1. Open the Yahoo sign-in helper page
  2. Now enter your Yahoo mail address or phone number
  3. yahoo helper page

  4. Alternatively, you can enter Yahoo email address or phone number
  5. yahoo mail address

  6. You will receive a code on your phone or email address.
  7. recieve a code

  8. Answer the security question series.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve the locked Yahoo mail account.

Method 2:

Whenever you make use of your browser, cookies for the search store your browser. Using these cookies, you can easily sign in your Yahoo mail account. But if you keep entering the wrong password, the cookies with a right password will expire and this triggers Yahoo to think you as a suspicious element and further lock your account.

So, if your account has been locked, switching the browser server is the best option available. The new server will have the fresh cookies and thus you can easily sign-in to your Yahoo mail account.

The list of servers you can use:

Method 3:

  1. First, remove the POP and IMAP settings for your email client
  2. Disable the third-party applications
  3. Try using a different browser and try to access your account again.

These are the most effective methods using which you can easily recuperate your locked Yahoo email account. If none of the methods helps, you must reach the Yahoo help center or official resources. Or, you can simply wait for 12-24 hours as Yahoo will review your account and automatically unlocks it.