Skype SupportRemove all the Hindrances of Video Chatting

Skype is an outstanding text, video, and voice calling app which is used on a large scale by the worldwide users. This app comes for free, until unless you are trying to make a call on mobile numbers or landlines. It is meant for every platform such as Android, Windows, iOS etc. It works brilliantly for every user. Skype support is also there to help out users in case of technical faults.

It is perfect to begin long personal conversations or professional meetings through the group video calls. It has set a trademark in the field of communication and has proved its worth due to the exceptional Skype Customer Service and cream line of features. But sometimes, a few of technical hurdles make it hard to use Skype products and services. Every issue differs in nature, but it can be resolved with the help of Skype support number.

Some of the Common Skype issues are:

Skype Connection Problems:

Skype connection errors usually happen when you are using poor quality of network on your device. To avail the complete feature-list of Skype, you require a stable internet connection, or else you will feel disappointed with it. But if you are going through any dilemmas while connecting to Skype, even in the presence of strong internet, one must contact Skype Customer Service Number for immediate troubleshooting.


There is no specific way to fix and connection issues, and all you can try is hit and try the game. Here are few the most popular troubleshooting ways which can help you get rid of connection issues:

  • Check the heartbeat section of Skype for server downtime
  • Remove the virus or malicious data from your device.
  • Update the version of Skype product you are using
  • Update the firewall settings and make sure Skype isn’t blacklisted.
  • Remove and re-install the Skype product from your device
  • Check the router and network settings
  • Update the drivers for your device.
  • Change the network adapter drivers.


Skype Account Hacked:

Skype follows very tight security measures and hence users often feel safe while using Skype, but cyberpunks offers find their way and steal the access to your Skype account. If your Skype account is no more accessible with the same password, you must call Skype Customer Care Number to get support to recover the compromised account in no time.


Hacking is the worst scenario one can face, so always keep your belt tight to face such issues. If your Skype account is hacked, you can try the below-given methods for troubleshooting.

  • Go to the and then click on Sign-in.
  • Type your Skype email address, username or phone number.
  • Click on “Forgot password
  • Again check your login email
  • Choose the recovery option on which you want to receive a verification code.
  • Enter the code you receive.
  • Create a new password and confirm it.
  • Log in using the newly created password.
  • Improve the security settings of your account such as enabling the two-factor authentication etc.


Skype App Crashes:

While using the Skype app on your mobile or system, you may encounter sudden freezing or crashing of the app. This can occur due to a number of reasons, but finding the exact cause and solution is essential. If you are facing the same error, try calling Skype Support Number and avail the instant support sudden crashing of the Skype app.


If your Skype app consistently crashing on your device, there are a few of tricks that can save you from the hassle.

  • Check the compatibility of the Skype app with your device.
  • Make sure your device follow the minimum system requirements for the execution of Skype.
  • Outdated drivers can cause frequent crashing if apps like Skype on your device. So updating drivers can prove to be helpful for you.
  • Run the antivirus program and enable full scan. Then, clean all junks, malware, and virus from your device.

Skype Official Mail and Phone Number Support:

Skype lets you establish contact with your known ones. It works seamlessly on both Windows, iOS and Android. However, Skype services are free but it offers some of the paid services to its users. It is a bit problematic to find the right support services for Skype. To contact the Skype support team, you can use different means of communication.

The contact Information to reach Skype support:

There are no official toll-free customer support numbers available as such to contact Skype, but as the company has its headquarters situated out of Luxembourg. The company has its corporate contact numbers, but these numbers are not meant for the customer or technical support.

  • Skype Corporate: 1-352-262-01582
  • Skype Corporate Fax: 1-352-262-70588


Mailing address:

The corporate address of Skype Inc. is given below. Though Skype doesn’t offer any assistance via emails, you can use it to send feedbacks, complaints etc.

Skype Technologies S.A. 23-29 Rives de Clausen Luxembourg, L-2165 Luxembourg


Official Skype website:

The Skype support website can be accessed through the below-given link:

Official support web portal includes:

There is a search bar on the top which allows you to search for FAQs and troubleshooting articles.  You can set the support page for any specific product by clicking on the drop-down icon.


Right below the search bar, there are various categories of helpful articles, the list consists of the following categories:

  • Getting Started
  • Calling
  • Messaging
  • Share and interact
  • Account and Profile
  • Purchases and payments
  • Privacy and security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Everything else


Then you will see a list of FAQs which includes the common Skype technical errors and other popular topics.

After FAQs, there comes a topic named Additional resources, which lead you to:

Ask a community: Basically an open-discussion platform with numerous threads. One can join an ongoing conversation as well as start a new conversation and wait for replies.

Try our Virtual agent:  Online chat with a virtual Skype technician and get the scripted solution for your concern.

Contact us: This redirects you to “How to contact Skype support” page.

Help and Improve Skype support: You can rate the Skype support or offer a feedback or suggestion.

Skype status: This is important to check the server status of Skype products and services.

Third-Party Customer Support:

Apart from official tech support services offered by Skype, there are few other resources you may find on the web which seem to be helpful in troubleshooting technical errors occur on Skype. Calling independent Skype Tech Support Phone Number is the most effective way to get rid of technical problems which are preventing you from using your Skype product in a sleek manner.

At some crucial moments, users face some of the technical hitches which can be annoying and frustrating. The list of common Skype technical faults:

  • Issue while sharing attachments or media files.
  • Skype login problems
  • Issue while recovering the Skype password
  • Skype configuration errors
  • Hacked or compromised Skype account
  • Issues while screen sharing
  • The problem in conference calling


All these issues pop-up unexpectedly and drag you to the state of helplessness, if you haven’t seen the same issue before. Though there is a heap of manual troubleshooting methods available on the web, calling Skype Help Number has proved to be the most genuine and befitting solution for all Skype related errors.

Whenever you come across any hurdle while using Skype, all you need is to pick your phone and let the experts handle your problems and find the right solution to fix it. Apart from calling, you can simply send an email or online message through chat. The team of qualified techies will response to your queries in an immediate manner.


Key features of Skype Technical Support Number:

  • Instant solution for complex issues
  • Certified and skilled technical assistance.
  • Support is available in a non-stop manner
  • Guaranteed authentic and secure solution.
  • One-stop solution for all technical glitches.
  • Complete customer privacy.
  • Advanced tools and technologies for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Optimization of Skype product.
  • In-depth troubleshooting from the root.
  • Both online and offline support.