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The name Microsoft has surrounded our lives in one form or another. This self-introductory brand offers a plethora of products and services which include computer software, hardware, mobile and gaming applications, cloud services and several others. The brand arrived in 1990 and since then it is leading the market like champions and users have received the guest with all honor. Microsoft comes inbuilt with almost every Windows-based devices and available in the form or product keys for iOS devices.

There is no doubt that the Microsoft services are impressive enough to attract the users worldwide, but due to owning a vast database of users, it often come across to numerous issues which affect their workflow to a major extent. In order to resolve the problems with MS products and services, Microsoft support help team works in a consistent manner.

There is a line of contact means you can use to reach the Microsoft professionals. Either you can try calling upon phone number for Microsoft support or reach the officials through email or letters.


Get in Touch with Official MS Office Support Services:

The most authentic and Diverse ways to find the support means for Microsoft are compiled in a list underneath:


Microsoft Customer Service Support:    

To answer all your general queries Microsoft offers its customer support services via phone. You can call the Microsoft customer care executive and they will find the best way to provide you with the solution to your dilemmas.


Microsoft technical support:

Microsoft support options are available to deal with the core technical support needs of the Microsoft users via Windows support phone number. This includes the self-help support and other assisted support.

Go to and select the product on which you need help and you will be redirected to the troubleshooting page which helps you with product update, Faqs, and links to the articles addressing the common issue with the product.

If you want to search by the category, you can click on the All Microsoft button and select the option from the following:

  •    Software
  •    PC and Drivers
  •    Entertainment
  •    Business
  •    Developer and IT
  •    Other.

So to deal with technical halts, call Microsoft technical support number. This is basically designed to handle the post-sales queries and concerns.


The phone number to contact official Microsoft support:

To contact the Microsoft customer service support, you can call upon the toll-free numbers which are accessible Monday to Friday between 5 AM to 9 PM. On Sundays, the services are reachable from 6 AM to 3 PM.

  •    Microsoft tech support phone number For USA, (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)
  •    For Canada, call Microsoft customer support phone number :(877)568-2495
  •    Phone number Microsoft support India, contact 0008004402130
  •    For the UK, contact 0800 026 03 30


The complete list of Microsoft contact numbers is accessible here:

While accessing the support services for Microsoft you need to make sure that you will be sure of product version and product key ready for you. Also, the Microsoft officials will check the warranty status of your product and help you troubleshoot the obstacles.


Chat support from Microsoft:

Other than Microsoft telephone support, contact with the Microsoft official by email or online chat, if the executives are online at the moment. To begin the chat click on and ask for the answers to your queries. Though it isn’t the instant way to reach the experts it is best to have a word with the Microsoft professionals.


Microsoft Community:

There is a community page for every version or product offered by Microsoft. Go to and browse a discussion thread by the version or the product offered.


Useful Help and Resources link:

To get a solution to the problems you are facing, you can search for them on the twitter page which includes the answer to several technical hiccups. Click here:


Specialized support for OEM products:

The OEM products users, get an option to avail the specialized support for their respective product.

To get the information for computer’s manufacturers:

To browse the manufacture’s support number and websites. Click on


Introduction to Microsoft customer service phone number

The MS Outlook support leaves you satisfied with their broad range of support services, the official means are never the apt choice for the instant support. If you are struggling through a dramatic dilemma, waiting can be even more dangerous. So, to serve the immediate recovery from the troubles, reach the independent Microsoft technical support to avail the timely support from the technicians.


The products supported by the third-party Microsoft help support.

Microsoft Office 365 Support:

MS office 365 is the commonly used Microsoft product which is a bundle of cloud-based and non-cloud products and services. It is a pack to serve all your personal and professional needs. The key components of MS suits are as follows:

  •    Email applications
  •    OneNote to create important notes
  •    Word Excel to create or edit documents
  •    PowerPoint to create presentations
  •    Publisher to share data online
  •    Access to manage database
  •    SharePoint to coordinate web content

Facing technical faults is normal while using the MS Office 365, but Microsoft 365 support helps in all quandaries you are going through.


The faults users face with their MS Office 365 products are listed underneath:

  •    Issues while using the features of MS office 365
  •    The operating system isn’t supporting the product.
  •    Problem while updating the version of your product
  •    Issue while sharing updating or deleting the files from Office 365
  •    Installation, configuration and setup issues
  •    Inability to open or run the program.
  •    Issue while using the included products and services.

Microsoft 365 support is the quickest way to reach the techies and fetch the most appropriate solution to the errors you are facing.


Microsoft Outlook Support:

Outlook is the email service offered by Microsoft which is also part of its office suite. It is used on a large scale especially by professional clients worldwide. This emailing platform has an array of advanced features with a neat interface, which makes it perfect for novices as well. Outlook comprises some of the best features such as calendars, notes, and a special Outlook support.  But at some unfortunate moment’s users face technical or general halts with their Outlook services while using in an office suite or standalone.


The common outlook issues are comprised in a list below:

  •    Issues while recovering their password
  •    The issue with the product activation key
  •    Inability to delete junk emails or enabling spam filters.
  •    Problem while syncing the Outlook data with other email platforms
  •    Installation or configuration issues.
  •    Problem while sending or receiving emails with attachments.
  •    Other related issues

With Microsoft, customer service phone number, all the above listed, as well as non-listed issues, are resolved under the guidance of technical experts.


Microsoft Word Support:

Microsoft has a special tool which allows you to create, edit, and share documents which are rich in graphics, links, images, and other decorative elements. It comes in both forms i.e. in the suite of MS office as well as the separated product. Using this program is a cake-walk as it is occupied with a long list of tools and a clean interface. Though it’s an amazing discovery, yet prone to flaws in some cases. The complete list of normally occurring issues with MS word is mentioned here beneath:

  •    Installation or configuration issues.
  •    The specific error codes
  •    The sudden crashing of the program.
  •    Issues with the content added or looking to add
  •    Other glitches.

With Microsoft help support, one can get the resolution from experts. The toll-free numbers connect you with the skilled techies who will resolve the error from the cause.


Microsoft Excel Support:

MS Excel is a prominent platform which allows you to create a track in your day to day activities. It allows you to create spreadsheets to maintain the database in an efficient manner. It is one of the best software to create and edit graphical representations of data, financial projections and more. But due to having an advanced interface, users often face the issues while using the MS Excel facility. The issues faced is dealt by Microsoft excel support are as follows:

  •    Unable to insert large files
  •    Issues with the memory
  •    The product freezes all of sudden.
  •    Problem while using the features included.
  •    Errors codes on MS Excel.
  •    OS doesn’t support the Excel installation.
  •    The product asks for a password.
  •    Other common issues.

If you are going through any technical dilemma, reach the experts via toll-free Microsoft customer support numbers. The team of techies will diagnose and fix your problem with advanced tools and tactics.


Microsoft PowerPoint Support

MS PowerPoint offers a canvas for your thoughts and creativity. Designing the presentation is complete fun with MS PowerPoint. It has a fascinating range of features which adds salts and pepper to your design and spice up the presentation. Using PowerPoint has become the kid’s play due to its simple layout. But technical faults pounce on PowerPoint under some specific circumstances. But with Microsoft PowerPoint support, all those issues are resolved under one roof.

The common issues with PowerPoint are:

  •    Problem while embedding the media files.
  •    Issues while backing up data.
  •    Technical faults while using the features of PowerPoint.
  •    Other general errors.

If you are going through the state of the dilemma while using the MS PowerPoint, you must reach the techies to get the help instead of trying the manual efforts. Dial Microsoft tech support number for best support and technical assistance.


MS OneNote and access:

Both MS OneNote and MS Access are the data management program which allows you to disseminate, share and store data in one place. Both are the finest way to secure your data unauthorized access. But while managing their data, users encounter the never seen hurdles which make their tasks tough. Here is the list of some technical halts with MS Access and OneNote:

  •    The problem in creating a new file.
  •    Issue while using multiple instances of the programs in concurrent fashion.
  •    Unable to open the tools on your Mobile device.
  •    Virus attack on the program.
  •    The problem with plugins and extensions.
  •    Sudden crashing or freezing of programs.

All these issues are resolved in the most straightforward manner by the group of technical experts. All you need is to dial the toll-free Microsoft number support and get the top of the line support services.


The other perks of calling the Microsoft technical support number:
  •    The support services available online and offline.
  •    Remote troubleshooting with advanced tools and tactics.
  •    Toll-free numbers accessible all day and night.
  •    Free guidance and consultation services.
  •    Most affordable solutions, even for the complex cases.

Comment (8)

  • Marilynruth| October 8, 2018

    Cannot install MS office in Window 10. Could you please explain the possible error?

    • Installing office on your Windows 10 is simple using your Microsoft account linked to an Office 365 subscription.

      • Open your computer and go to Start
      • Go to the app list and then select and click Office app that you wish to use
      • You will be redirected to Windows store where you find Office page. Now click on install
      • On the Office product page, open the newly installed apps
      • Finally, click Got it and now you can start using Office

  • ellenstevens| October 20, 2018

    Last week Microsoft tech support scam was everywhere in the news. Meanwhile I contacted on this number and I was quite happy as they dint lie that they are official Microsoft. They have clearly said that they are independent support providing help to Microsoft user. Most importantly, they fixed my job and I really want to thanks.

  • DevinHugo| October 26, 2018

    Microsoft is so vast that no one can be perfect working on its products weather it is Windows, MS Office, and other. But what we can do in case of issue erupted. Shall we stop working and back to the bed, no we must contact Microsoft help center. Here we get all the help we needed.

  • Martha Atkins| October 30, 2018

    Twice I have received a critical process died error report. They tell me to call 1-833-248-4637. Is this a Microsoft support number? Thank you, Martha

    • jack| October 31, 2018

      Call on this Microsoft toll-free number +1-888-215-0236 and get all the problem fixed related to MS.

  • Doris| October 31, 2018

    How to Configure Microsoft office 365?

    • jack| November 1, 2018

      Here is the guide to setup Office 365 Business

      • Register an account on Office 365 Business
      • Give some details of your business
      • Create a login account
      • Enter your phone number to verify
      • Store all the details you have created like portal and your ID
      • Now login again and click to Admin Menu
      • Click to add domain
      • Input your domain bought
      • For domain bought, Microsoft will detect and add it automatically, you just need to click next as recommended
      • Thus, you successfully verified record which are added on GoDaddy
      • DNS update will take some time so wait for a moment
      • Now you have created account email office 365

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