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iCloud Customer Service

iCloud allows you store, sync and share media such as photos, videos, music, applications and more. It keeps the data sync on all your devices. It is the best way to backup your data files to avoid the risk of data loss. You can access your iCloud data on any device, which has the iCloud installed with your username and password.

Features of iCloud Services:

  • Keep your data in sync on multiple devices.
  • Help you restore your data in the case of device or data loss.
  • One can locate the lost device if it has the iCloud installed on it.
  • It works in the very seamless manner in the background, wirelessly.
  • It saves your data on a remote server to access it online which can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • It offers 5GB of the iCloud storage for email, backup, iCloud and a media library.


iCloud Email Services

It is the most organized email platform with data backup and synchronization features. It is designed for iPhone and Mac users. It supports the iOS platforms and offers high quality of services. Here we offer the complete support solution for iCloud backup and email services. If you come across any technical or general fault our trained professionals by iCloud Customer Support Number. They will help you get rid of the errors.

iCloud Account Problems:

Though iCloud is one of the best production of Apple, as it offers unmatched features and a clean user interface. But if you if you use your account in a rough manner or sometimes the technical faults create iCloud account problem.

Let’s see how to avoid the common iCloud errors

Requirements for an iCloud email account:

  • Make sure you have an iCloud account to access the iCloud webmail services. You must have the email address and password of your iCloud email address.
  • You must have an iOS device with the latest version of OS installed on it.
  • If you delete a data file stored on your iCloud account, it will be deleted from all the devices you have your iCloud account on.


Server Problems?

If you come across an error on your device and computer, and can’t connect to the iCloud storage, this can happen due to the server problems. For server issues, make sure you have enough time and patience to wait, as these errors get resolved on its own. It is entirely out of your reach. So, to apart from server issues there are few other issues which prevent you from using your iCloud account.

Failed Authentication or Incorrect Username or Password:

The authentication failed issue happens when you use wrong Id and password for your iCloud account. To resolve this issue, perform the following recovery steps;

  • If you are using the username instead of full email address, try to login with email account associated with your iCloud account.
  • Make sure you are using the write case of letters and check if you have the caps lock on, disable it and try logging in again.
  • If you have forgotten your password and unable to login to your account, this can happen due to the unsupported Apple ID.


Is Apple ID Disabled?

If you are entering incorrect password few of times in a consecutive manner, there are chances that it may get disabled. Also, if you don’t have the correct ID installed on your device, chances are there that Apple disables your iCloud account and prevent you from accessing your data.

If this issue happens in a frequent manner, you can simply reset your Apple ID. To do this, you can transfer your account data from iCloud to your computer. Log in to your Apple website with your iCloud credentials, and copy the contacts and other data files. Now, you can delete the previous iCloud account and create a new one.

For straightforward solution or instant support, contact iCloud Customer Care Number and get your issue resolved by experts. iCloud Help Phone Number is accessible all around the clock to resolve the issues which are not within your reach or knowledge.

Setup the iCloud email and Non-apple apps and devices:

Apple offers an edge to its users by providing them the default configuration of the iCloud services on their account. So, if you don’t have to set up your iCloud account on your device. You can simply log in to your iCloud account without any additional efforts. But if you require, calling iCloud Help and Support can make your work even easier.

But for non-apple users, you need to configure the iCloud account on your own by providing the email address and password for your iCloud account. On many occasions, you need to use your iCloud account with thirds party apps and devise without the iOS operating system. Not every third party or device supports iCloud account. Here below we are providing the iCloud settings you need to configure to get started with your iCloud account on non-apple devices.

Like other webmail services, iCloud does utilize the IMAP and SMTP for sending and receiving emails respectively. Firstly you need to check the compatibility of your device with IMAP standards. So, it is advisable to spare a few minutes on checking the compatibility of IMAP settings from the email menu.

Now you can set the iCloud email account like other email services. Though every device follows different instruction for setting up the iCloud email account, but there they all matches to some extent. If you are looking for steps to set up iCloud email account on your device, follow the steps. Most of the devices ask for your email details.

Important Note: If you don’t have the IMAP valid account type in the list check for the “More” or “Other Accounts”.

Details required:

  • Name
  • email address
  • username
  • password
  • Account type
  • Incoming mail server
  • SSL
  • Incoming server Port
  • Outgoing server
  • Outgoing server authentication.
  • Outgoing server username
  • Outgoing server password

Some clients do have different configuration requirements. If you are having connection or server issues, let it resolve first and after that try the following:

  • If you have the SSL enabled on your device but it’s not working with it, try using the TLS, which is a different encryption protocol. The TLS option is available besides the SSL in the menu.
  • Same as encryption protocol one can use the TLS on the place of SMTP server.
  • Also, try using the full email address instead of using the username. This will resolve the problem to some extent.

If you are not able to install the iCloud services or email account on your non-Apple device, you can reach the iCloud Customer Service for instant help and support. The toll-free number is readily reachable to help you install or troubleshoot iCloud services on any of the platforms you are using. iCloud Phone Number is accessible all around the clock to help the users who are not able to resolve or fix the technical as well as general glitches.

iCloud Help and Support To Protect Mac or iPhone

iCloud is the best storage services offered by Apple Inc. Also, the email services of iCloud are used on a large scale. Apple has an unmatched reputation in the industry, apart from emailing it has several other features to enjoy, but sometimes users come across errors which give them sleepless nights as iCloud includes very crucial data files. But for experts dealing with such issues isn’t a big deal, so if you encounter any general or technical glitch with your iCloud email account, call upon iCloud Support Phone Number and get fastest and most reliable solution for your issues.

The general issues with iCloud email are:

  • Sign in or login issues.
  • Problem with the account security of the iCloud account.
  • Issues with password or username
  • Data backup errors.
  • Email draft and syncing errors.
  • Email filter issues.
  • Other script errors.

If you are bothered with the frequent occurrence of errors on your iCloud account, you need to reach the experts to get the support for your iCloud account. Dial the toll-free numbers are reaching the techies for the timely support.


  • 100% one call solution to resolve the iCloud technical hindrances.
  • We offer the remote technical support to provide you the most accurate solution.
  • The toll-free numbers to reach the experts.
  • Support is available 24X7 to provide the timely solution.
  • Our technicians are highly trained and experienced.
  • Most affordable solution.

To get the support all you need is to dial the toll-free numbers and discuss your problem with the experts.

Why Do You Need The Support For iCloud Services?

Third parties do not make you wait for hours, therefore in the case of emergency, you can rely upon our services as we offer the potent encryption features, along with strict privacy policy. So, your data and information are totally secure with us. No matter how complex the issue is we provide the on-time services to our clients.

So, to make things easy for you in order to resolve the errors which are creating hindrances. So, instead of wasting your time on manual efforts, you can simply reach the iCloud Customer Service Number.


Our Specialized Support:

Not only troubleshooting but we help you achieve the optimum performance of iCloud email account on your device, not only this we make necessary changes in the settings of your accounts to enhance the protection of your device from unwanted glitches. So, if you are a troubled iCloud user get in touch with iCloud Technical Support Phone Number without any hesitation.


How To Troubleshoot Problems With iCloud – Outlook Synchronization

Using your Outlook account on your iCloud on Windows devices is pretty simple if the configuration and installation are done properly. If you need to help to set up your iCloud contacts and calendars in Outlook, contact iCloud Mail Support Number:

Before you begin:

  • Check your system requirements and make sure it meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Go the link and download the iCloud for Windows: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT204283
  • Go to the iCloud and sign-in using your Apple id.
  • It is advisable to set two-factor authentication and login using the Apple ID and any specific password for the app.
  • Use this link to check the status of the iCloud system.


  • Check the date and time settings and make sure you have set it in the correct manner.
  • Before proceeding to get the copies of your iCloud data.

Follow the tips to troubleshoot the synchronization error:

  • Close and Restart Outlook
  • Remove duplicates such as calendars and more.
  • Make sure you have the strong and stable internet connection.
  • Check your log-in settings and the accounts you are logged in using.
  • Refresh your device.

All these steps will help you resolve the iCloud-Outlook sync errors on your device. If you are going through any technical glitches, contact iCloud technical support.

The iCloud Toll Free Numbers are accessible all day and night to provide you the best solution of the time. The certified techies will help you resolve the synchronization or every other technical fault associated with your iCloud account.

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