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HP Support: Don’t Let the Issues Hamper Your Productivity

HP stands for Hewlett-Packard; the name is derived from the last names of its two founders. HP has it’s headquarter situated in Palo Alto, California. From software to hardware, it offers a wide variety of computer devices and their peripherals. Furthermore, from regular home users to entrepreneurs and business persons, this brand works best for all.

HP is that it holds the position of the top 5th global green brand, so it’s the befitting example of killing two birds with one stone. It is both eco and budget-friendly and hence it’s choice of millions. While talking about HP highlights, we cannot forget its quickest technical support services, which most of the top brands lack in. Let’s learn more about the HP support number services.

How to Contact Official HP Support?

HP offers various means to reach the HP officials. Here is the detailed information on HP customer service.

Contact HP customer support through phone number:

There is not only one or two contact number but a list of HP customer support number. All these numbers enable you to reach official HP official support for product inquiry.

HP tech support number for various HP products:

  • HP home products: 1-800-474-6836
  • HP business support phone number for business products: 1-800-334-5144
  • Hard of hearing or deaf customers: 1-877-656-7058
  • Customers with disabilities: 1-888-259-5707
  • HP TouchSmart, HDX Notebook, Envy Notebook, Firebird Desktop: 1-866-408-5408
  • Palm, HP Veer, HP Touchpad: 1-877-426-3777
  • Palm smartphones: 1-866-935-7256

Sales Information (Before You Buy)

For General questions and customer support: 1-800-752-0900

To inquire about Home office products: 1-888-999-4747

Information for Business products: 1-800-888-9909

All Other Customer Service Inquiries

For General HP customer service phone number: 1-800-752-0900

HP Mailing address:

You can send your queries, appreciations, and complaints via mail letters to the HP officials. To send mail, you can use the address of HP headquarters.

Worldwide Corporate Headquarters
Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185

Additional office address:

Palo Alto, CA (1501 Buildings)
HP Inc.
1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304
P.C. 94304-1112
Palo Alto
United States

Official website:

The web address for HP is https://www8.hp.com. The web portal has a wide range of support services. By accessing the official HP website, you can have the following:

Download drivers :

FYI, drivers are necessary for the functioning of your device and hence HP offers the specific drivers set for every individual product. Go to https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers and select whichever product you own. Click on the icon and you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to type the model number of your product. All you need to click on Download to get the right match for drivers.

There are the four sections Printer, Laptop, Desktop and Other (for everything else). You can select any of your choices.

Support & troubleshooting:

There is a specific webpage for help and support the concerned HP users in various manners.


For personalized support, you need to enter the product model number you have and then select your country. This will prompt you to the nearby HP service center. The support service page includes three majors sections namely Everyone, Business/IT professionals/ learning center.

Find your product:

This section includes the useful and informative articles regarding each of HP product. You can identify your printer, laptops, tablets desktops, monitors, scanners and calculators. You need to type the serial of your product in the filed given below and click on “Find”.

Also, you can browse your product by category, this makes searching even easier.

How to set up HP printers?

The HP printer tech support section is meant to provide the setup, installation, and functioning of HP printers. There you can see, four section:

  • How to set up
  • How to print
  • How to scan
  • How to Fax

Every section consists of different categories, addressing different concerns via videos and articles. It is the apt section of HP support for printer users. There is everything which you need to achieve mastery on while using your HP printing tool.

Windows 10 support center:

HP offers specialized support for Windows 10 based devices. Also, there is a link of HP products tested with Windows 10. In order to check the compatibility, especially all those who have updated their OS to Windows 10 must visit the link to see whether their HP device is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

Click here: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05195282


HP forum web portal is the best way to get the most appropriate solution for your question. All you need is to choose the category of your product and join the ongoing conversations. Also, the “Post new question” option allows you to create a new thread and get replies on it. This is definitely not the immediate-solution platform for an immediate solution but works very well with little patience.

Register your product:

By registering your product, you can get better user-experience with HP products are services. The registered users are authorized to get more effective support, alerts for product and other information.

This is how you can register your HP product:

Authorized support providers:

With this, you can find and contact HP service provider near you. Instead of roaming here and there, you can simply enter your city/postal code, the distance you can cover, or select the “Nationwide search”. Then select the type of support you are looking for. Select the number of the product you have any type of device.

Check Repair status:

If you have ordered the repair session for your HP product and want to track the service order status online, go to 


By entering the information, you can also track the shipping status of your product. This works for new purchase as well.

Enter your Service Order Number, email address, serial number and click on Get status. You will get all the possible information within seconds.

Training and Certification:

To accesses HP sales central https://www.hpsalescentral.com/#/training/ training which is mainly designed for HP interns and trainees to know about how the brand works. It requires the signing ID and password to access this webpage.

HP Technical Support Number: Solutions to All HP Problems

HP printer jamming

HP printer jam is the most common yet annoying error. Though with advanced technology, and auto-cleaning, HP offers edge to its users, but a small piece of paper can cause a great difference in the performance of your HP printer. So, here below the various ways to get rid of paper-jam are listed in step-to-step manner. If you are still in trouble after reading this, dial HP printer tech support number for customized solution from HP experts.


If there is any leftover or paper-piece stuck in the tray, pull it gently.

Click on Resume from the start menu.

If there is a number of stuck paper, remove them one by one, instead of clearing out them in batch.

Always start with the mid-section.

Make sure you remove everything including dirt and dust particles.

HP printer isn’t printing:

If your HP printer is not doing what it’s supposed to do, you must check the related aspects. If you are stuck at the point where your HP printing device refuses to work or respond to the command. Here are the solution HP users:


Network connection:

To make your printing machine work, you need a strong signal strength. Sometimes the signal strength is up-to-mark but loose USB cable connection generates the issue. Check the cable connection and replace the damaged, or non-working cables. Also, adjusting the router’s connection and bringing your machine closer to the router can be helpful.


The printer runs on ink and toner, these are the basic consumables which your printer always needs. If you haven’t replaced ink or toner cartridges for a long time, check the amount of ink left and replace if required. Also, always keep your hold tight on supplies as a running printer on low ink-level can cause overheating and damage your printer internally. To learn about uninstallation or installation of HP printer cartridges, get in touch techies via HP tech support phone number.

Job-Stuck Error:

If you think that jobs in your printer aren’t moving from one place to another, there must be a chance a job is stuck in the queue which is preventing other jobs to move. So, find the stuck-job and delete it right away and start printing. If the issues persist, you can simply clear the entire job queues after backing up the data.

These are the basic things which you need to do, in order to attain the original functioning of your HP printer. For any help contact HP printer support and let the experts do the troubleshooting for you.

Blue Screen error of Death:

BSOD- Blue Screen error of Death is one of the most troubling issues occur on HP computing device. HP laptop or desktop owners must be familiar with the error but not every user is aware of the related troubleshooting methods. Let’s see what we can do to fix the BSOD error on HP computer or laptop. For HP laptop or desktop support, you can access HP official support website


Check your last activity:

Have you recently installed a software? Or you have made any change in your devices’ settings? If yes, this could be one of the reasons for BSOD. So, whenever the Blue screen error appears, make sure to undo the changes you made recently, uninstall the last installation and clear the cache files too.


Using a computer device is exothermic but if the heat is not passing out and gets trapped inside your HP computing device, it can become the major cause of BSOD and damage your device thoroughly. In order to avoid overheating, make sure you store your device at room temperature, and at a dry place. Also, if you change your device for too long it can cause the heat issues, so unplug the charging cable and reboot your device immediately.

Inbuilt troubleshooter:

In every HP device, there is a troubleshooter utility which acts as a savior in most of the errors. So, you can use the program this way. Go to the Start menu >Settings>>Update and Security>>troubleshoot>>Blue screen. This tool will help you find the cause of the error and do the required troubleshooting.

But it takes too long to point the exact cause of BSOD, therefore in the case of BSOD contacting professionals is the best thing to do. So, call HP support to reach the experts.

Say Hello! To Third Party Hewlett Packard Customer Service

To cut down the hassle of long waiting queues of phone or the trouble in finding the right solution by using web-communities, the instant HP customer support is available from an authentic third-party support provider. You can reach the team of certified technicians by dialing the toll -free numbers HP phone number.

For your surprise, every single HP product is supported by the independent HP customer service number team. Let’s see the entire range of service.

HP Printer Help and Support:

HP printers are used widely and hence the support services should be capable of dealing with the huge user database. So, HP printer customer service number is the best solution to get immediate response for your queries. From technical troubleshooting to general tips and tricks, every service is rendered through toll-free numbers.

Also, HP printer phone number deals with the underneath mention issues:

  • Installation and setup errors
  • The virus or malware attack on your HP printer.
  • The slow speed of the printer
  • Low Yield
  • Network connection errors
  • Software related issues
  • Other technical issues

HP printer support number can be reached anytime, so get your matter resolved now with the most affordable solution.

HP Computer Support :

HP laptops are desktops that have boomed in the market like fire in the past few years. From personal to corporate use, HP offers a specific product for every use. All HP computing devices are best for their price, but some unfortunate moments can cause errors.  Here below is the list of the issues you face with HP computers, which are resolved through HP laptop support phone number

  • Issue while using an operating system.
  • Driver installation errors.
  • The malware or virus attack issues
  • Issues with the stability of the device
  • Problem after installing a specific app on your device
  • Inability to update the latest version of your device.
  • inability to install HP support drivers
  • Other technical faults.
  • BSOD on HP desktop

To get support for all above-mentioned or other HP errors, call upon HP customer care number and get the time as well as real-time assistance from trained techies.

HP Tablets Support :

This compact sized device named tablet includes a blend of features from both mobile phones and laptops. It can be used to manage your personal as well as professional tasks with an ease and are mobile to carry. These pocket-computers are amazingly useful, but at a few moments, the technical glitches cause inconvenience to the users, to resolve which you can call upon HP technical support phone number.

Here is the list of some of the commonly occurring issues on HP tablets:

  • The slow performance of your HP tablet.
  • Removing or adding the apps to the HP tablet.
  • Upgrading the firmware
  • Password recovery
  • The issue with the factory reset
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Issues with the data backup
  • Unable to configure settings

There are many other issues which are supported by the HP technical support. Just dial the toll-free support HP number can get the fastest and most reliable solution.

  • Toll-free HP contact number to contact experts
  • Best and fastest possible solution
  • The immediate solution to every adversity.
  • Complete security and transparency throughout troubleshooting
  • The most affordable solution which fits every pocket.

How to Reach the Hewlett Packard Support:

In order to draw support for the HP support center, you need minimum efforts to put. Just pick your phone and call upon the toll-free numbers mentioned on the site. If you are not willing to call, just drop an email or send a message on the HP support chat for online HP tech support.

For your convenience, there is no bar of time or distance, you can reach the HP help around the clock from every corner of the world.

To know more about HP support assistant number, read the below-given points:

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