How Can I Change the Password for Yahoo Email?



Yahoo is the favorite email client of millions of users. It is loaded with distinctive features and has the user-friendly interface, thus the popularity of the giant is justified. It provides over the top services to the global clients of Yahoo. Like other web services, Yahoo is too, prone to issues and one of the common problem is hacked or compromised Yahoo email account. But this problem can be resolved by changing the password on regular basis.

Why Yahoo password change if necessary?

Changing password is important to maintain the security of your Yahoo email account. But taking a step out of your comfort zone is not an easy decision and hence we users often avoid changing the password. Even though everything is perfect, it is recommended to change Yahoo email password to maintain the pace.

The difficulties which can occur due to not changing the Yahoo email password for a long time:

  • The unchanged password invites the hackers as the web stores your login information if you repeat it is several times. The script used by hackers often target the accounts which haven’t undergone any changes for a long span of time.
  • Also, if you use the same password for a long time, there are chances that someone manages to steal the password to spy on you or misuse your information.

How to change Yahoo Email password?

Though changing Yahoo password is the few step process, but beginners can find it quite a complex process to modify Yahoo password for the first time. There is no hassle associated if you follow the step-by-step method given below.

  • Go to your favorite browser and open Yahoo login page.
  • Sign in with your Yahoo id and password.
  • Open Yahoo Account Info page.
  • Go to Account Security.
  • Click on Change Yahoo password.
  • Enter a new password and re-type to confirm it.
  • Click Continue to save the new password.
  • Now you will receive the confirmation for password change.

How to change Yahoo email password on Mac/iPhone?

Changing Yahoo password on Mac devices is game of few steps. let’s dive into the process to modify Yahoo password on Apple computing devices.

  •         Go on on your browser
  •         Click on Sign in on the top right corner.
  •         Enter your login credentials.
  •         Go to Yahoo account info page and select Account Security.
  •         Select Change Password.
  •         Type a new password.
  •         Enter the same password to confirm.
  •         Click Continue to save the changes.
  •         You will receive a confirmation email.

How to Change password on Android device?

Android users are lucky as it takes few minutes to amend Yahoo email password, you can try the following steps to perform password changing process

  •         Open Yahoo email account and login using Yahoo email password.
  •         Click on Menu and select Account info
  •         Now select Account Security option.
  •         Select Change password
  •         Type a new password and re-type to confirm.

Important tips:

  • Enable “Security key” and “Two factor authentication” for Yahoo email on your device.
  • Delete the cache, cookies and history of your browser time to time.
  • Keep backup for your Yahoo email data.
  • Never use unauthorized means such as pop-ups to change the Yahoo password as it can be strategy of hackers to steal your information.
  • Set a unique password for every web service you are using.
  • Do not keep your confidential information saved on your Yahoo email account.

Any Problem?

If you are not able to change the password or any technical halt is preventing you to modify password, dial Yahoo support number for immediate support and solution. Yahoo customer support number offers specialized support for password related problems.