Facebook Customer Service Numbers for a Secure FB Experience

Facebook has brought the world closer by providing the largest common community. Every country, nation, religion, gender, age-group, can be seen on Facebook. Having an account has become mandatory to prove yourself to be a social animal. From sharing photos, video, media files to promoting your business, you can do anything which you want or need to. You can connect with your loved ones, or allows you to establish new relations.

Using Facebook is extreme fun, as there is a series of eye-catching features available on the king of social media, and it is regularly updating the feature-list with more compelling ones.

Our generation has become addicted to Facebook but isn’t familiar with the most important facts associated with us, just like most of us aren’t aware of the scope of Facebook official customer support.


This Is How the Official Facebook Help Center Works?

How to call Facebook Officials?

Contacting the Facebook telephone number is a bit of the complex task, but if you aren’t in hurry and ready to bear with the call waiting for queues, calling the official Facebook phone number is the good-to-go option for you. It is not basically the customer service contact number, but is the phone number for Facebook headquarters:  Dial:  +1-888-215-0236

Does Facebook provide a mailing address?

Have you ever thought of sending a mail letter to Facebook officials? Then you got lucky as the mailing Facebook is now possible. This hidden contact information is now available on the corporate legal documents:

Facebook Corporate Office
1601 S. California Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Facebook help email id:

The social media webpage of FB has the email address to contact Facebook officials. Click on https://www.facebook.com/facebook/, and you can have online chat or email conversation with the Facebook customer services executives. The Facebook support email facility is one of the most efficient and professional ways to raise your question or issue to the


Facebook help page:

The Facebook help page covers almost all FAQ’s comes to the mind of a user while working with FB. Also, some of the popular problems are addressed in the form of articles. It covers the following topics:

  • How do I create a Facebook account?
  • How do I log into my Facebook account?
  • I can’t log in.
  • How do I change or reset my password?
  • How can I make my Facebook password strong?
  • how do I contact Facebook

Then the popular topics section covers:

  • Login and password
  • Your profile and settings
  • Facebook Mobile and Desktop apps.
  • Keeping your Account secure.

If you have any other concern, you can find two redirecting link on the same help page. One link leads you to “Visit Help Community” and then “Visit Ads Help Centre”.

On the top of the site, you can see different tabs covering different categories and further divided into different sub-categories.


Facebook help community:

Facebook justifies the position of the top-notch social media platform. Not only it offers a sea of features but always stay updated with its Facebook customer support services. Apart from telephone numbers and email address, there is a specific help community meant to support the FB users. The functioning of this community is simple, like any other web-community, you can post anything which is bothering you while using Facebook. There are several answered and non-answered questions you can see on the webpage of the Facebook community.

You can simply select the topics and subtopics in which your query lies and wait for experts to answer your question. However, it may take days to receive the solution from officials, so it is only recommended in non-priority cases because there are low chances of getting an immediate solution for your concern.


Facebook Media support:

The Facebook media help center is formed to contact Facebook support and other media partners such as Instagram at one place. This webpage includes several Facebook and Instagram related questions and their answers. Also, this page can be used to give the feedback about the quality of services and offer a suggestion to improve the user experience.


Facebook ads center:

The advertisers are now supported by the Facebook professionals through a special webpage. This advertiser’s help center is meant to guide the users who are advertising or planning to advertise on Facebook. Each concern from creating ads to managing ads, this advertiser support platform is the solution to everything that you need to become a pro advertiser.

The major sections of this help center are:

  • Build your Facebook page
  • Create Facebook ads.
  • See what’s new
  • Ask a question.


Third Party Facebook Call Support Center:

Facebook has brought a revolution to the world with its tremendous hue of features. But it doesn’t always work the same, as technical hiccups are likely to happen with almost every Facebook user. Also, not every Facebook user has the detailed knowledge of its features. The lack of knowledge and technical skills often cause helplessness in the moment of trouble. Therefore, to support the troubled Facebook user, Facebook support number is reachable all around the clock.

Before getting the deepest insight of Facebook technical support, let’s read about some of the common Facebook things:


How Facebook customer support official helps you recover hacked account?

Though Facebook follows the very strict privacy policies some of the anti-social elements manage to get into your Facebook using false means,

Steps to recover hacked account:

If you are not able to recover hacked account:

  • First, you need to go to the Facebook hacked webpage by clicking on: https://www.facebook.com/hacked
  • Let the page open.
  • On the prompted page, click on “My Facebook Account is Compromised
  • Type your username or Facebook id and hit the search button.
  • Provide the old password you remember and hit the Continue button.
  • Select the reason “someone else got into my account without my permission”.
  • You can select any other reason suits your case.
  • Click on Get started link displayed on the webpage.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to recover the hacked Facebook account.
  • Provide the contact details which you want to use recover the compromised Facebook account.
  • Create a new password, and re-enter the password to confirm.
  • Secure your account.


Facebook login errors:

There can be numerous reasons behind the login errors which occur using Facebook. Some of the troubleshooting methods are given below:

Case1- Incorrect login credentials:

This happens when you make a mistake while typing the FB login address, password errors or outdated password. So, to resolve the login errors due to incorrect login id or password, perform the below-given recovery tips:

  • Turn off the caps lock.
  • Delete email id and remove cookies.
  • Make sure you use the right combination keys.

Case2- Forgotten password:

If you are using not able to log in after several attempts, you must check the password and if required perform the password recovery. In order to recover the forgotten FB password, follow the below-given steps:

  • After few of failed login attempts, Facebook will suggest you recover the Facebook password.
  • Click on Forgotten password or if you want to recover both Facebook id and password, click on “Forgotten account”.
  • Provide the email you used while registering your account.
  • You will receive the list account associated with the provided email id.
  • Select your account.
  • Now, Facebook will ask you to reset your password.
  • Select a recovery method and click “Continue”.

How can I play games on Facebook Messenger?

  • Launch a Facebook messenger on your device.
  • Find the Games icon and click on it.
  • Start playing the game of your choice.
  • Alternatively, simply type the name of the game on the search bar and start playing.

Playing on Facebook game center:

  • Find Games: Search for any game you want
  • Install Games: Install as many as you want and play it later
  • Activity: it includes the last activities you have done.
  • Visit Gameroom: This is the link to a page which includes all games you want to play or share. It is basically like a game store.

You can see an ample number of games on the screen. There are various games from different niche. So, for gaming-freaks, the Facebook game center is the must-to-visit thing.

Use the Facebook Live:

Facebook live was introduced back in 2015 to few VIP users who used to invest or belong to specific criteria, but with the course of time it became accessible to iOS, then to Android users and now it can be used on Windows-based desktop. This is one of the fascinating Facebook features, accessible to every user. There are many other live-steaming apps available, but due to being the largest used platform, Facebook enabled you to reach a maximum number of viewers. This is perfect to share your personal as well as business-related videos. Also, the features are supported by Facebook support phone number to help the users who find it difficult to handle.

Here is how you can use the Facebook Live and broadcast with it:

  • Open the Newsfeed option on your Facebook account.
  • Allow your Facebook account to access your webcam and microphone.
  • Select the privacy settings as per your need and requirements.
  • Provide an attractive description.
  • You can tag as many as friends you want and add the activity.
  • Set the view of your webcam.
  • You get the freedom to add lenses, filter, writing or drawing whatever you want to make the session more compelling.

Facebook Live Broadcasting:

The Facebook live broadcast is now possible via desktop devices as it was first introduced for mobile users only. You can stream videos to the entire list of Facebook friends. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you are all set to go live. To know more about facts about Facebook live get in touch with experts via Facebook tech support number.

Also, you can broadcast Facebook live, here is how you can go live on Facebook:


  • Click on the “Live” on the Facebook timeline.
  • Also, you can use “What’s on your mind?” and then select “Live Video”.
  • Allow your camera and Microphone to access your device.
  • Select the Privacy settings.
  • Add description to your video.
  • Add the lenses, filter, or drawing any to your video.
  • Click on “Go Live” to broadcast the FB live session.
  • Get connected with the views and commenters.
  • Once you are done, click “Finish” and end the broadcast.
  • You can rely on the comments and save the video.

But if you are not able to use the Facebook live feature on your device, you can attain the technical support regarding the error by calling Facebook contact number.

Facebook Customer Service for Advanced Troubleshooting

The independent Facebook support services have more to serve you. Not only the basic Facebook features, but the Facebook technical support is provided for the newly introduced Facebook features.

The latest Facebook highlights are:

  • Facebook 360
  • Messengers day (similar to Snapchat)
  • Facebook Live
  • Improved advertising capabilities
  • Group video calling
  • Clear history on Facebook
  • 3D photo sharing
  • Update and share the Facebook story
  • Different expression along with like button

Facebook has gone really far to satisfy its users and hence it is the top social media site and giving Facebook a competition is the dream of many other apps but hasn’t succeeded yet. People spend more of the day-hours on the virtual world of the Facebook than that of the real world. Though Facebook has become the synonym of “unlimited fun, it is not free of hurdles. Here below is the complete list of Facebook errors which appear without any prior intimation but cause a great inconvenience to FB users, which can be addressed and resolved by Facebook help center phone number.


  • Facebook login issues.
  • Issue while changing FB passwords
  • Issue while recovering Facebook password
  • The problem in setting up a Facebook profile
  • The issue in sending and receiving the friend request
  • Problem while sharing posts, images etc on FB timeline.
  • The issue with the privacy settings
  • Compatibility dilemmas
  • Web browsers aren’t supporting Facebook.com
  • Locked or blocked Facebook account


Introduction to Facebook help phone number

Facebook helpline phone number is an independent support service provider which has now become the need of every Facebook user as the platform is now vulnerable to a number of issues. Facebook contact phone number lets you reach out to experts in the moment of trouble and get the finest solution for the respective dilemma.

Let’s know more about Facebook tech support phone number

How to contact Facebook support

As the matter of the fact, issues listed above can be breath-taking for a regular Facebook user. It is quite a head-hurting task to browse the web and surf for the right-matching solution for the issue you are facing. Instead of wasting your time here and there, you can dial the Facebook customer service number

The Facebook helpline number is the most perfect solution for all the technical quandaries as the FB experts do their best to find out the most befitting solution for you. Till the time Facebook tech support has reached the bar of 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Why Calling Facebook Contact number is recommended?

The quickest solution of the time:

You can reach the Facebook helpline in an emergency with your FB account. Every user is addressed on an immediate basis, without making them wait. Hence if you are running out of time and your FB account is giving you sweats, all you can do is: dial the Facebook help number and get your matter resolved in the wait of seconds.

No boundaries of time and distance:

If you are busy somewhere and aren’t capable to waste hours surfing for the solution to FB problems, call upon Facebook customer service phone number. Even if you out of your native place, enjoying a vacation or on some business trip, this globally-wide available Facebook help contact can do the troubleshooting on your behalf. Even if you aren’t free to call, you can drop an email to the Facebook customer service email support team. The call, email, and online chat support are 24×7 accessible for the fastest troubleshooting.

Respect for your Privacy:

It is apparent that you cannot share your Facebook details and stored data with any random person, this is the first rule for safer FB experience. Therefore, Facebook technical support offers end-to-end encryption to your Facebook data and login credentials. Only the general information of the user is stored in the database which is secured under several protective layers. In a nutshell, you can trust the Facebook customer care number team blindfolded.

Trained and certified experts:

There is a team of certified FB proficient is working with the Facebook call center. Every techie is trained on multiple levels to render the best customer support experience to every user who contacts Facebook customer service. Also, every member of the team is certified by authorities of the Facebook tech support number, this is why the services availed through contact Facebook by phone are known to be most reliable and authentic.

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  • Alex Smith| October 3, 2018

    Keep forgetting password is very general. Please provide me any permanent solution, so that I can anytime login without the password

    • jack| October 4, 2018

      I would suggest you to use your Facebook on your Mobile app or personal computer only if you don’t want to login again and again. if you keep login on different devices, it will definitely ask you for the password.

  • Danny| October 3, 2018

    I know the fact that Facebook official never provide tech support, but still I try to call them for the Facebook issue I was facing. They are third-party and helped me to recover my account. I have never had such a nice experience after landing up to a third-party service. But they came out as indeed helping buddy. Thanks so much.

  • Tia Hill| October 4, 2018

    Why every time Facebook locked my account when I share any post to the group. What is wrong with Facebook now days? Sometime they block your account and then lock it temporarily. This is hell happening with my Facebook account.

    • jack| October 4, 2018

      Calm down!! Facebook is doing all this because of your privacy and security only as we all know how much spam is happening on Facebook. Whenever you post in any group, make sure the post is relevant to the group, because if it is flagged by the group member, Facebook will temporarily lock your account.

  • Erica Smith| October 4, 2018

    Hey, I want to change my Facebook password but i am not able to do it. Could you guide with simple steps

    • jack| October 5, 2018

      Yes of course. Here are the steps:

      • Sign in to the Facebook
      • Click Settings at the right corner on the top
      • Now Click Security and Login
      • You will see a change password option. You have to click edit next to the option
      • Finally, click to save changes

  • Aleena Ghose| October 4, 2018

    Hey, Facebook support team. I am Aleena Ghose, can you tell me one thing, How to block someone on Facebook?

    • jack| October 5, 2018

      • To block someone on Facebook, do the following
      • Sign in to the Facebook
      • Go to the profile page of the person you want to block
      • Click the three dots after the message button
      • Now click block
      • And then you have to confirm it
      • Hence you have successfully blocked someone

  • Frank Michael| October 9, 2018

    Last month, my friend Joerg got his Facebook account suspended due to suspicious activity. Since then, I am very scared, could you please help me out to secure my Facebook account.

    • jack| October 9, 2018

      Several ways and tips are there to increase the security of your Facebook account which is underneath

      • Always use a strong password
      • Never save your password on the public device
      • Enable two-factor authentication
      • Whenever you get locked, choose some of your trusted friends
      • You can also block spammer from seeing your friend list
      • You have an option to get alerts when your account is being used on another device
      • Many other options

  • James Waston| October 18, 2018

    Getting a technical support for Facebook is kind of weird, as you cannot avail it from the official of Facebook. Yet, the third-party is no less than a painkiller for your technical hiccups. I was having issues while uploading the pictures on Facebook. They helped me as a friend and that’s why I couldn’t stop myself thanking you guys.

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    Facebook is coming with so many updates every now then. We as users are getting annoyed with daily updates in policy and features. With this scenario, Facebook technical support comes as the rescue of users. A great relief by customer care.

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    keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on.

  • Nancy hess| November 1, 2018

    I want one of my friend to not see any of my post but I cannot block him for some reason so please let me know any way-out to make this possible

    • jack| November 1, 2018

      You are a lucky man as Facebook has this option. when you share a post, you can select one or more friend to not see your post.
      Just select Friends except from the drop-down menu and then choose friends whom you don’t want to let see the post

  • Jully hess| November 6, 2018

    Every day, waking up in the morning with a Facebook account issue. It is been a long time, I keep getting notices that something happening unusually with my account. The worst when the account got suspended last night. Please let me know what’s happening with Facebook and how can I overcome all these problems.