How to Set Up Verizon Email in Outlook?

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Outlook is a web-based email client which enables you to use all the basic as well as advanced emailing features and offers a great platform to send or receive emails. it has been developed by Microsoft and is available in two versions: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. If you want to set up Verizon email in Outlook then you can add your Verizon account to either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. For this purpose, you can also get in touch with Verizon Email Support.

To set up your Verizon email account in Outlook Express, follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, open Outlook Express and select the ‘Accounts’ tab from the ‘Tools’ menu.
  2. Now, click on ‘Mail’ to begin the setup of your Verizon email account.
  3. You will have to look for ‘My Accounts’ tab or a similar option from the ‘Mail’ menu. Now, locate and click on the ‘Servers’ tab.
  4. Now, look for the box labeled ‘SMTP’ where you have to enter the name of the outgoing server Verizon uses.
  5. Now, check the ‘My server requires authentication’ box and make sure it is highlighted when you select it. Now move to the settings option and click on it.
  6. Check the ‘Log on using’ box and then enter your Verizon email address. Enter your password and don’t forget to check the box to remember your password.
  7. Click ‘Ok’ and then close Outlook Express. Re-open it and you are ready to use it.

You can also call at the Verizon Support Phone Number if you need any technical assistance regarding the above process.

To set up a Verizon email account in Microsoft Outlook, you can use the procedure given below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook and go to the ‘Tools’ menu and then click on the ‘Email Accounts’ option. You will see the ‘Change/View’ option, you have to open it.
  2. Now, double-click on the email account in order to go to the settings screen. Also, check the ‘My server requires authentication’ box. Go to the settings option and click on the ‘Log on using’ field and enter the Verizon email account name and password, if asked for.
  3. Now click on the ‘Ok’ box and then exit the program and restart it. This will let the new settings to settle and you can now use your Verizon email address as the Microsoft Outlook default.

This is how you can set up Verizon email account in Outlook using the above procedures. You can also dial the Verizon Toll-Free Number in case it is difficult for you to complete the setup on your own. Our certified technicians will help you in getting the setup done in very simple steps. Also, the tech support is available the moment you want it as the technicians keep working dedicatedly round the clock. For all Verizon issues, you can easily take the help from our side.

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How to Fix Common Verizon Email Login Problem?

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Email login issue is one of the most common problems faced by an emailing service. There can be several reasons for which you might face difficulty in signing in to your Verizon email account. The first thing you can do is to search for the causes and then find the appropriate solution for them. If you need any technical assistance to get the email login issue resolved with Verizon email then you can also get in touch with the Verizon Email Support Phone Number.

Given below are the possible reasons which can make you face login issue with Verizon email:

  • Entered the incorrect email address or password.
  • Forgotten email account password.
  • The email account has been hacked or compromised.
  • The internet connection is not providing appropriate signal strength.
  • Incorrect Verizon settings.

You can also dial the Verizon Toll Free Number if you want to talk directly to the tech support team about the issue. To fix the login error with Verizon email you can follow the given troubleshooting methods:

  • Logging issues with Verizon account can most primarily occur due to entering a wrong email ID or password. Try after re-entering the correct email ID and password and then log in Also, confirm that Verizon is not using any of your old saved passwords for logging into your account. Delete all the old saved passwords and then enter the current password to login to your account.
  • The next possible reason can be when you have forgotten your password or your account has been compromised. For this purpose, you need to reset your password as soon as you realize your account has been illegally accessed. To get your Verizon account email password reset, you can go through the given steps given below:
  1. Go to the Verizon email sign in page and click the ‘Sign in’ option.
  2. Now at the next window, click on the option ‘Trouble signing in’.
  3. Next, you have to click on ‘Forgot your info’ option.
  4. Forgot my password page will open where you have to enter your email ID and zip code in the given space when asked for and then click on ‘Continue’.
  5. Follow the remaining directions to reset your password. After setting the new password, log in to your account and check if the issue has been resolved.
  • Next, you have to confirm that the network you are connected to is working fine. If you are not able to login to your Verizon email account, then try using a different internet to do the same.
  • Verify if the IMAP/POP settings are correctly set in case you are using Verizon email account through an email client. The incoming and outgoing mail server settings should also be correct to avoid login errors.

This is how you can try fixing the login issues with Verizon account. In case you need any help from the technicians then make sure to get in touch with Verizon Customer Service.

How to Migrate Verizon Email to AOL?

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Verizon is one of the popular email clients which have acquired AOL to expand its business. But this has given rise to so many issues lately. Now all Verizon accounts have been migrated to AOL. If you are also looking for help regarding migrating your Verizon email account to AOL, then make a call at the Verizon Email Helpline Number. to avoid any issues, it is better to migrate your Verizon account to AOL as soon as possible.

To Migrate Verizon email to AOL, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Outlook email application on your system and then select the File option available at the left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the drop-down list and select ‘Add Account’ option and then select ‘Manual setup’ or ‘additional server types’ from the options and click ‘Next’.
  3. Now select POP or IMAP option and click on ‘Next’.
  4. Next, you have to enter the given information on the screen shown to you as follows:
  • Enter the name you want to use for the recipients.
  • Now enter the complete email address.
  • Select IMAP for account type field.
  • Now enter the incoming mail server as
  • Next enter the outgoing mail server as
  • At last, enter the account’s password and select the ‘remember password’ checkbox.
  1. After entering the above information, click on the ‘More Settings’ option. From the options available, click on the Outgoing server tab and select the following options:
  • Outgoing server requires authentication.
  • Use settings which are the same for the incoming mail server.
  1. Now go to advanced options and set Incoming server as 993 and Outgoing server as 465 and click on the ‘Ok’ button.
  2. Click on the ‘Next’ button and wait until the time email program completes the testing process and when the testing process completes successfully click on the ‘Close’ button.
  3. Click on the finish button and send an email to check if your account is working fine. Verizon Email Tech Support is also available if you face any difficulty during the same.

This is how you can migrate the Verizon account using the IMAP protocol. This protocol is used by email programs to retrieve the emails from a mail server. By using the IMAP protocol, the emails get stored on the mail server. Whenever you will access your inbox to check your emails on any device then the email client regains emails from the server. Using IMAP you can read all the emails directly and there is no need to download them to your device.

In case you have doubts or any issue regarding the transfer of Verizon email to AOL, then you can ask the help from our technical experts. Call at the Verizon Email Technical Support Number and clear all your concerns regarding Verizon emailing service. The tech support members are working round the clock to offer you the best tech support.